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The Wiltshire Whisky Distillery Company

Set in the heart of South West Wiltshire, the beautiful nine-thousand-acre Fonthill Estate provides us with the perfect setting and surroundings to make the finest English whiskies.

Our distillery will be in a Grade 2 listed barn. Alongside, a magnificent stone grain drying barn will be our visitor centre and shop. All located in the home village of Fonthill Bishop.

We will use the very best ingredients from the crops growing on the prime chalk downlands that surround us, mixed with Fonthill’s pure water, naturally filtered through limestone rock on its journey to our bottles.

Producing single malt, single grain and blended whiskies that are single estate as well.

Great Bustard

Founders' Club

Accompany us on our journey to produce England’s finest malt, grain and blended whiskies! By becoming one of our founding members you will be instrumental in making this distillery a reality – and in return we promise you will be part of a unique club with an array of member benefits – not least a numbered cask strength bottle from each of our first casks for our Reserve members.

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single cask single malt
The character and taste of each bottle will vary subtly with the cask it came from.
double cask single malt
Bottlings with a variety of flavour profiles.
Blended single malt
Mixing our malts to create a whisky with consistent character and taste.
Single grain whisky
Using wheat and rye we will join a small and growing number of specialist grain producers.
Blended whisky
Our malt and grain whiskies blended together to make someting special.

The Founders

Alistair Munro

Founder + CEO

"I have over 20 years experience running a number of businesses in the advertising and marketing industry. Now it's time to address my passion for whisky!"

Jon Carson

Founder + Sales Director

"My background is in sales and marketing, with strong experience in the drinks sector. I will rise to the challenge of promoting my own drinks brands".

Eddie Large

Founder + Head Distiller

"For the last fourteen years I have run my own award winning brewery. I'm very much looking forward to producing whisky as well".

sustainable production

We start our sustainability journey from where others hope to be. Our distillery intends to be carbon neutral from the start and, very soon thereafter, carbon negative.

We aim to be leaders in the sector of sustainable distilling and will set ourselves ambitious goals to meet both our internal strict criteria as well as those of the B-Corporation.

The market’s ambitions for tomorrow are The Wiltshire Whisky Distillery Company’s goals for today.

It was the importance of sustainability that led us to choose the Fonthill Estate for our distillery.

Every ingredient within every drop of our single malt and grain whiskies originates from the estate upon which the distillery stands, providing us with the platform to create whisky that really reflects the ‘terroir’ of Wiltshire.

Great Bustard

Gin + Botanical Spirits

We will also produce a range of gins and botanical spirits inspired by our beautiful surroundings.

Our gins will be made from neutral grain spirit produced in our own stills at above 96% ABV. We will produce a selection of gins from a number of recipes.

We will be working closely with UK charity Plantlife (plantlife.org.uk) to establish, grow and maintain stocks of juniper, the base botanical for gin, on the chalk downlands of the Fonthill Estate.

Our botanical spirits will be made from the new make spirit that would have become whisky had it been left to mature in a cask for at least three years.

This new make spirit will be re-distilled with a range of botanicals and aged in oak casks for a few months to produce a spirit drink helping to drive the establishment of a new category.

Great Bustard

The Great Bustard, prominent on the Wiltshire flag, will be a key creative asset of our brand identity.

These birds are a missing piece of UK wildlife heritage, artificially removed from the ecosystem due to over zealous trophy hunters. They were extinct in the UK from 1832 but have been re-introduced to nearby Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire where a breeding programme is now underway.

Amazingly, the Great Bustard was found on the Fonthill Estate for the first time in late February this year.

Great Bustard